Pomona RV Show


The Pomona RV Show is the best place to be for the newest inventory and the most up-to-date information regarding the RV of your dreams. Here is a short list of why you need to be there!

List of Upcoming Shows

The Pomona RV Show happens only a couple of times a year so don’t miss your chance to check it out!

1. All the information you need
If you’re an RV buyer, have fallen for an RV, or are thinking of purchasing one in the near future then the Pomona RV show 2014 is the nearest opportunity for you to find all the RV dealers and manufacturers represented in one place. The dealers will literally be handing you course material literature on different makes and types. You can easily compare prices and asses pros and cons of the models.

If you find yourself confused, attend a seminar and fire away those troubling questions that are holding you back in making a an investment on that dream RV. They will allow you to note the pros and cons and check them against your own demands and likings. Asking questions, compare other models, and pin point the cons they may have for your requirements
The show provides intensive competition and offering great opportunity for you to exploit- you can easily make rounds in the RVs and even go for a test drive. The dealers would gladly allow it!

2. Competitive Incentives
The added feature in this show will be the freebies that come along with the RV of your dreams. Every manufacturer realizes this event to be the biggest opportunity for them to sell their 2014 models to make room for the 2015 models. So they add an assortment of free goodies that range from discount coupons, free gas, grills and camping chairs!

3. Test Your Ride
Test the models well. Hear what each offers first hand from the manufacturers and dealers alike. Don’t forget to pick a copy of your schedule -Brands such as Thor, Monaco, Forest River, Winnebago, Holiday Rambler, Eclipse and so many more will be walking the show but they usually have scheduled announcements, and that schedule will let you smartly step into the show.

4. Stress Relievers
The enthusiasm can get contagious and eventually exhausting on the mind. The event allows great opportunities to relax. You must use them to your advantage.
Food stalls, fun games, informative seminars or just a walk through the warm summer days of southern California are great stress relievers.

If you love to camp or go RV’ing, are thinking of becoming a camper, or want to see just what makes camping enthusiasts so passionate about camping, you can attend a camping show. RVers and Campers are lively people who have a great ingrained habit- of letting go of the past and moving onwards, and living the present to the fullest. They will enthusiastically engage in conversation and tell their travel tales- a good way to rewind you for another round of RV treasure hunt at the Pomona RV Show 2014!