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As a Forest River RV dealer, McMahon’s RV takes pride in knowing everything there is to know about these amazing products!

Pop-Up Tent Campers

These are light weight and easily towable campers that offer ease of use without compromising the luxurious RV experience. Theses campers are designed to inculcate family values- of enjoying good times together, at an affordable price tag. The units are neatly packed into one functional unit. The portfolio includes two types of tent campers, the FlagStaff and the Rockwood.

Lite Travel Trailers

If you are hoping to increase your gas mileage then this is your choice. Whether you hope to introduce your family to the RV lifestyle with the afforded luxury of great interior and a great stress reducing chassis design, the Lite travel trailers will cater to your needs. With 26 different Lite trailers, you will be hard pressed to claim that the right choice of comfort, affordability and lasting return on investment is not in one of the Lite packages.

Conventional Travel Trailers

Heavy duty, great fuel millage, and designed especially for the camper on the go, these trailers utilize every inch of space to give you the best camping experience possible. For flexibility, FR offers another diverse category with 18 different trailer setups.

Hybrid Trailers

What do you get for experimenting with the old and the new? A fantastic trailer that exhorts the best of both the worlds! Sturdy, light-weight, and a marvel of construction delivers excellent towing characteristics along with quality and long-lasting value. The combined conventional travel trailer and a pop-up tent camper by FR again grant you a choice between 4 different Hybrids.

Destination Trailers

RVs make living simple? A Forest River RV Dealer will surely claim that FR just made RV-ing simpler. With 6 different DTs all you have to do is set it up and leave it for the season, no worries whatsoever. These trailers are intended for those with space at a resort or campground and who don’t want to haul every weekend.

Lite Fifth Wheels

Designed for ease of tow-ability, these compact and light weight 5-wheelers offer increased gas millage. Choose from 14 different models to travel across the country.

Conventional Fifth Wheels

Need a spacious camping experience for your family? Spread your wishes in the 17 different Forest River CFWs and select the one that best contains them!

Toy Hauler Travel Trailers

FR offers 10 different models that combine the benefits of a travel trailer, a ramp and space for all of your toys!

Toy Hauler Fifth Wheels

Got big boy toys? Then see which one of the 7 models best stacks your ATVs and motorcycles on a road trip.

Class-C Motorhomes

The 4 models are built using a cut-away van chassis and offer ease of handling even for cross country trips.

Class-A Motorhomes

Surely the home away from home, these units (5 models) are built on specially designed chassis to create a self contained drivable home.

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When choosing your Forest River RV dealer, keep in mind that McMahon’s RV has been a premier dealer for Forest River for over 10 years! See you soon!